Anxiety Clam Pop
Anxiety Clam Pop
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Anxiety Clam Pop

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Clam Pop

approx 50-60g

Witches Kitchen Scent

This magical scent is a delicate musk and floral delight, with an ever so slight hint of spice. Prepare to be spellbound!

Highly scented

I suffer with anxiety and want to highlight that it is not just worrying or being over stressed about things!  It is a real physical illness that causes real physiological symptoms.  There are many types of anxiety too.  Mine is triggered by my illness and disability.  Please know you are not an alien, you are not alone and it is a normal thing to suffer.

Highly fragranced 6 segment clamshell focused on fragrance more than colouring and art

Perfect for sampling fragrances and value for money as will last ages

soy wax melts in a recycled plastic pot that can also be recycled

vegan friendly

cruelty free

Paraben free fragrance oils

Handmade in Northern Ireland, UK

Place a segment into a tealight or electric burner and allow to melt and fill your room.  Tips and tricks on our Instagram Reels to show you how to remove them once finished.  The easiest way is to pop in the freezer then once frozen simply pop back out of burner.  Or you can heat it up a little and the wax will pop out before fully melting.  Other options on our Instagram.  CLP info provided.  DO NOT EAT! Keep away from kids and pets.  Keep on a flat heat proof surface away from draughts and curtains and anything the tealight flame could get close to.  

Any signs of allergy please stop use immediately


ACETATE, EUGENOL, LIMONENE. May produce an allergic reaction