NEW! Feel Like S**T  Soy Butter Pecan pie scent

NEW! Feel Like S**T Soy Butter Pecan pie scent

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Feel Like S**t


approx 100g

comes with wooden spoon to help scoop out the wax, which is a softer more scoopable consistency

Pecan Pie Scent

Treating yourself has never been so easy. Enjoy the aroma of fresh southern pecans smothered in a creamy pralines and butter sauce. The scent of a perfectly baked crust complete this fragrance

screw lid pot PET can be recycled

We all feel bad sometimes, this collection is to represent anyone who has ever felt like s**t at any point. It’s also a salute to anyone who suffers illnesses linked to or similar to crohns disease and colitis.  Every person I have ever met who has these type of diseases have the best of humour and have requested I make this collection dedicated to them too.   I know with disability or chronic illness or mental illness that you can feel bad about letting people down, cancelling last minute commitments, snapping at someone out of frustration, people being let down because you are too sore, too tired, too anxious, too depressed, and many more reasons.  This collection is a reflection on how we feel.  Melt away your negative feelings.  It’s not your fault.  Those that matter will remain by your side.  Stop being so hard on yourself.  You are a warrior fighting a daily battle.  That needs acknowledged.  Love yourself because you matter .


Contains Diacetyl. May produce an allergic reaction.