Horror Lucky Dip SMALL Wax Melts

Horror Lucky Dip SMALL Wax Melts

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Lovers of Horror

Lucky dip


approx 61-100g in weight

valued at around £4.50-£6

large sizes so please chop into pieces before use and careful with sharp objects 

Who loves horror?  This lucky dip box is full of shaped fan art horror characters.   This box has the smaller shapes, but they are still quite big so will need chopped before use.  Hand painted and pure fan art.  Could keep and use as a nice smelly ornament too.  Who will you get?  The theme is famous lovers of the horror, gothic movie genres.  If you order more than one, Ill try to ensure they are different but may be subject to stock availability.  If you order 2 will you get a matching couple? Whoever you get what do you think they represent to you as a lover?  How fun, feel free to message me with what you think

mostly spooky fragrances

clp supplied on each melt

some of my fav horror characters are Jack and Sally from nightmare before Christmas or Jason or Michael Myers plus so many more