GIFT IDEA!!  HORROR BOX 5.0 Mystery Box

GIFT IDEA!! HORROR BOX 5.0 Mystery Box

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All Winter fragrances

Brand new shapes

Box 5.1 will contain some different shapes to this box but there will also be some the same so if you order both you may get some duplicates.

Most shapes are Large and Xlarge!! so worth from £7-£15 each!!

Whats Inside?

1 x Candle Tin either Krampus (Yule) or Carnage at the Carnival Scent - Picked at Random

1 x small shaped wax melt Fan Art approx 70g  - same in both boxes - Kiss Me Scent - A complex and layered blend where crisp notes of eucalyptus, mint and fresh orange saunter along ocean breezes in to a heart of lily, hyacinth, orchid, rose, earth and sweet fruity raspberry, strawberry, blackberry, pineapple, cassis, lilacs and aromatic wine.  At the base, cedar, amber, musk, burnt sugar and vanilla complete the fragrance profile.

1 x clam same for both boxes - Espresso Martini Scent - Strong brewed, iced espresso coffee blended with alcoholic notes of vodka and sweet, coffee, alcoholic notes of coffee liqueur

4 x large and XLarge Shaped Wax melts - Various fragrances see below - these shapes are exclusive to this box and will not be in Box 5.1

This box is packed with a lot of wax, the horror shaped wax melts can be used as Decorations until you want to chop and melt them!!  

Other Fragrances in this box are

Elf's BloodA fruity yet spicy bubblegum accord opening with top notes of apple, pear and sugary notes supported by softer notes of strawberry, peach and orange warmed by spicy cinnamon that rests on a bed of sweet raspberry and vanilla.

Cashmere and Snowflakes - A soft creamy fragrance opening up with vanilla and cashmere notes then leading to a heart of frosted clementine and white tea while resting on an amber base with hints of caramel woods.

GingerDread -  a delicious freshly baked ginger butter biscuit aroma with sweet spicy notes of cinnamon, clove and vanilla.

Bloody Orange - An effervescent citrus fragrance dominated by sweet orange and complemented by creamy sandalwood and amber

These boxes will begin shipping from mid November and have so much in them they will last you rest of the year!! 

Why not watch the movies your box inspires?

Box Valued approx £60!!

please note some  melts have been coloured with powder paint which is natural vegan friendly and more eco friendly to use so as a result when handling the melt you will get some excess powder on your hands  it’s a small price to pay for art or like getting sugar on your hands when eating a donut 😆 easy to wash off and non toxic