Missing You - Rock Pool Scent Loss of a Pet 🖤
Missing You - Rock Pool Scent Loss of a Pet 🖤
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  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Missing You - Rock Pool Scent Loss of a Pet 🖤

Missing You - Rock Pool Scent Loss of a Pet 🖤

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Rock Pool Scent


A cool fresh marine accord with notes of coastal sage, lemon, bergamot and rosewood spiced up with wild thyme, nutmeg and clove with fresh ozonic notes reminiscent of a rock pool alongside sea breezes with a base of cedar, seaweed, sandal, fir balsam and musks.

This collection is inspired by the loss of my furry soul mate Ash back in January! The pure heartbreak after having her from a pup for 11 years is just so unreal.

I was most definitely affected by depression for at least 3 months after her loss too.

So I decided to use an outdoor scent because it is my fav category scent and it is soothing and comforting. Plus my Ash loved the outdoors so when i wanted to honour her  running around loving life and smiling, tail wagging.

 I needed to highlight the different types of depression out there. I had no idea until a few months into it that I might have depression triggered by grief. I cannot tell you how lucky I feel to have pulled out of it because I know so many people who cannot because they have a different type of depression.

But I do now have a taste of what this disease is like and I have to say to anyone who doubts someone suffering, shame on you. Research it and choose love and kindness and patience.


My heart is broken and  her loss is felt everyday but I am learning how to live without her now because I know ill never get over it.

The loss of a pet whether it’s a dog or a rat is felt and is real and should be treated as such. Never find yourself saying I know she was only a dog or a cat or a rat that’s not the case. They were your family, your soul mate,  your friend. It is not relevant what species they were. They made you feel loved and when they are gone you feel that loss.

Here’s to all our non human losses over the years and remember your feelings are yours and no one can ever tell you how you should feel about anything 🖤💔🖤


🖤🖤🖤 loss is loss and love is love


soy wax melts in a resealable  grip kraft bag  that can also be recycled

vegan friendly

cruelty free

Paraben free fragrance oils

Handmade in Northern Ireland, UK

Place a piece into a tealight or electric burner and allow to melt and fill your room.  Tips and tricks on our Instagram Reels to show you how to remove them once finished.  The easiest way is to pop in the freezer then once frozen simply pop back out of burner.  Or you can heat it up a little and the wax will pop out before fully melting.  Other options on our Instagram.  CLP info provided.  DO NOT EAT! Keep away from kids and pets.  Keep on a flat heat proof surface away from draughts and curtains and anything the tealight flame could get close to.  

Any signs of allergy please stop use immediately