BRAIN FOG  - Bewaxed Scent
BRAIN FOG  - Bewaxed Scent
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BRAIN FOG - Bewaxed Scent

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Anyone suffer with Brain Fog? I do a lot!! 2 brains per pack approx 40-45g each

BeWaxed Scent

A rich and spicy Halloween fragrance combining fresh pumpkin with creamy coconut alongside warm spicy notes of cassia and clove, all resting on a decadent base of maple, precious woods and smoky bourbon.



Simply place a piece into your burner tealight or electric and allow to melt to fill your room with fragrance

2 brains approx 40g each

Brain fog is a very common symptom associated with my ME/CFS that I experience very regularly. It’s almost like there is a blanket of fog on my brain blocking me from accessing it to communicate out or receive information in. I understand that it is a familiar symptom to many other chronic illnesses out there. Of course this collection can also be for folks who simply like brains and grey with glitter or vanilla scent , Bubba's MEltys are for everyone.  Perfect mini collection to try the scent out also great way to top your collections or fab wee gift xx Let’s come together and share our chronic illness, mental health and disability stories. We are all one community and here to help each other. Video your melts and share @bubbasmeltys - Instagram page, love, life, peace,  Bubba xx

(Cruelty free vegan wax blend scented and coloured candle melts)

Lots of Love



GAMMAUNDECALACTONE may cause allergic reaction