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  • The Importance Of Resting...


    Bubbas Blog #002 

    Anyone else struggle with the resting  part of of your illness management?? 

    so my rest day yesterday worked!! I’m a lot better than I was but wary to not push too hard or I’ll go backwards and crash. I’m still not as good as I was last week but I’m improving slowly. 

  • Bubbas Blog #001 - Spoonie Limits while running a business

    Bubbas Blog #001

    Spoonie Limits While Running A Business

    Pictured New product for Halloween launch, liquid wax.

    Hi Its me Bubba and welcome to my first ever blog!!  I am so excited to start a blog and hopefully maybe even help someone who may read it and feel a little better about themselves.  How often do we feel a type of way but also think we are alone in it and therefore broken and isolated in some way?