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    Writing is healing so I write this blog as I am coming out of another ME crash, hopefully I do not crash again today!
  • Why Showers Suck!

    This is probably one of the most relatable things for us spoonies!! Showering can take so much out of us then add on top of that drying your hair a...
  • Using up your spoons!

    Ok this is so relatable!! I was so excited to be getting out for a meal to celebrate Halloween. I even rested yesterday so I would be able to save...
  • Phone Call Anxiety

    Spoonie Life Reality! Ok I have to say this is something relatively new for me. I’d say over the last couple years where I get extremely anxious i...
  • The Importance Of Resting...


    Bubbas Blog #002 

    Anyone else struggle with the resting  part of of your illness management?? 

    so my rest day yesterday worked!! I’m a lot better than I was but wary to not push too hard or I’ll go backwards and crash. I’m still not as good as I was last week but I’m improving slowly. 

  • Bubbas Blog #001 - Spoonie Limits while running a business

    Bubbas Blog #001

    Spoonie Limits While Running A Business

    Pictured New product for Halloween launch, liquid wax.

    Hi Its me Bubba and welcome to my first ever blog!!  I am so excited to start a blog and hopefully maybe even help someone who may read it and feel a little better about themselves.  How often do we feel a type of way but also think we are alone in it and therefore broken and isolated in some way?